Ageless and feckless


Cob has dwelt in the mortal realm nigh-continuously for the last twenty-odd decades. For the bulk of that time he has rattled about the Great Lakes region, most especially in the area that is now Detroit.

Cob has made his home on Bell Isle for over fifty years now. He ventures into the city proper on his ancient Vespa whenever the mood strikes him, but generally he is found wandering the trees or in the botanical gardens.

Most of the magical community knows of Cob and know he is largely benign, but they also know that it is unwise to cross the fair folk. Whereas wizards and the like might cast a spell, the fae are spells.

Like all fae, can look more or less as he wishes. Nowadays he appears like a young man of indeterminate ethnicity (possibly native american or latino). His hair is dark and unruly. His manner of dress is somewhere between the mission barrel and hipster vintage.


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