Urban Shadows: Detroit

Detroit in Darkness

Character creation

Who lives in the shadows?

  • Cob – a tricksy fae inhabiting the park on Belle Isle
  • Albert Neri – a werewolf who has embedded himself within the Detroit Mafia
  • Vasilli – a Chicago journalist newly returned to the city, but without his soul
  • Nathaniel – a French vampire who has watched Detroit’s rise and fall, often in despair

Otherworldly creatures around town include:

  • Madame Mystic – a seer of true power hiding in plain sight as a dimestore psychic
  • Arioch – the demon to whom Vasilli owes his soul
  • Manuel Moroun – owner of the Ambassador Bridge
  • Father Anthony – a Franciscan who runs the Catholic Church in Southwest Detroit, in Albert Neri’s territory
  • Lieutenant Carla Martinez – a police official linked to Nathaniel
  • Yuri – a spectre who ordered vampires out of Belle Isle to help Cobb some time ago
  • Elminster – a wizard who holds Yuri’s phylactery
  • Keiva Wiley – ex-cop now working for a demon and holding a valuable flash drive

Rumors and happenings

  • Cob owes a debt to Yuri and needs to retrieve the spectre’s phylactery
  • Cob owes Albert for protecting Madame Mystic in his territory, Madame Mystic owes Cob for arranging protection and Albert for protecting her.
  • Albert owes Cob for bungling the retrieval of Yuri’s phylactery.
  • Vassily owes Cob for breaking his promise to leave town.
  • Nathaniel is aware of indiscreet vampire activity in Corktown
  • A voodoo gang has been encroaching on Albert’s territory in Southwest, led by Kobo and his shaman, Baron Samedi
  • A true crime reporter is investigating Father Anthony, who is suspected of aiding illegal immigration
  • Vasilli is struggling to protect his wife Katya from the demon Arioch
  • Albert points out good feeding targets to Nathaniel, generally those who need eatin’
  • Nathaniel handles mundane mortal matters for Cobb, who finds cell phone bills mysterious



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